A bachelors degree in computer technology will help to in the application of programming and networking solutions so as to understand hardware architectures and other communication systems.

The courses within the ECT associate degree program span topics related to computer hardware and software, programming, operating systems and beyond. Graduates of the various options may be qualified, respectively, for entry-level positions in system administration, computer programming, web development or database management, as well as positions as computer support specialists, and network or PC repair technicians. Students will be provided with opportunities to learn the languages and skills of business and technology and will be given challenges in problem solving to assist in the development of their moral character.

Computer Technology students choose an emphasis in either Networking or Programming, developing specialized, marketable skills based on their interests. Further specialize with coursework from four areas: software development; systems analysis, design, and integration; data management; or wireless networking. Examples include Business Management, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Cyber Security, Health Informatics, High Performance Computing, Info-tainment Multi-Media, Innovation and Commercialization, International Studies, Modern Manufacturing, Network Engineering, Systems Analysis and Design or I have my own ideas”.

Industries using network design and management, distributed systems, network maintenance and data communication techniques all require the up-to-date skills you’ll develop on this programme. The objective of the University Master’s Degree in Computing Technologies Applied to the Financial Sector is to provide its students with the necessary knowledge to participate in the development of software oriented to the financial markets. Software and the Web Network and System Security Unspecified specialisation – have the option to select ten approved courses from the Master of Computing Technology to shape your degree to your goals and ambitions.

With a two- or four-year IT degree, graduates can find work in a number of occupations, including information security, network architecture, database administration, systems administration and computer support. A CS education prepares students to choose the correct design patterns, algorithms and data structures for programs, but most students graduate knowing only one or two programming languages, usually C++, Python or Java. The computer technology option is designed to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in computer and information technologies.

Graduates of the Computer Technology Program are prepared to participate directly in the design, analysis, development, and testing of computers and computer related equipment. Students taking the Associate in Science Degree in Computer Technologies select one track from the three tracks offered: Network Administrator, Application Developer/Gaming and Animation, Database Administrator/Web Developer. Some computer information technology online programs offer a blend of synchronous and asynchronous courses.

While some schools offer their computer information technology online programs entirely online, others offer hybrid options, which enable students to combine online learning with traditional classroom experiences. While it is possible to earn a general bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, most programs offer concentrations for students to choose from. Associates degrees in computer and information technology provide students with a very basic, foundational education in computers and technology.

Computer and technology degrees can provide the skills necessary to perform the required duties of an entry-level position in the field. This degree prepares students to program in various programming/database languages. In addition, students learn networking concepts, database concepts and programming logic.

It provides students with a variety of technical skills students need for transfer to a four-year university business information program. Our online degree programs position graduates for an exceptional career or continued educational opportunities. Database administrator : DBAs use software and programs to organize and store data for businesses that range from financial firms to shipping companies.

Applications software developer : As the creative minds behind applications and programs, software developers design and build programs and applications for computers and technological devices. Graduates will have an in-depth knowledge of various protocols, network standards, designs, and security solutions. Students in the NCT program develop comprehensive skills in network infrastructure support using Cisco Systems and Microsoft products to create a secure enterprise network.

The Computer Technology certificate program is designed to provide graduate students and professionals working in various organizations with course work focused on current state-of-the-art computer technology. Graduates of the Fanshawe College Business Fundamentals Ontario College Certificate program who meet the admission requirements can apply to Level 1 of the Computer Systems Technology Advanced Ontario College Diploma program and may be granted up to three internal credits towards this program. Upon completion of the program, and in addition to the highly valued Ontario College Advanced Diploma, graduates should have the knowledge and skills to take exams for the following certifications, if they choose to do so: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

Students will work in teams on a project designed to demonstrate the network and systems administration skills learned throughout semesters 1 through 4. The scenario describes the project in general terms, and will explain how to build the infrastructure. In this course, students will further their knowledge by designing and implementing advanced features of Active Directory, Windows and Virtual Server failover clustering, Disaster Recovery and advanced file and network services. This course, designed for students who plan to work in the field of information technology, focuses on professional written communication skills.

My skills were perfect to adapt into Fortinet and the network security vendor world.” Derek Manky 2003 Computer Systems Technology grad Global Security Strategist, Fortinet. Graduates of the Computer Systems Technology Diploma program may pursue a BCIT Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems degree. Students gain practical knowledge of low-level aspects of systems and programming constructs (e.g. concurrency control, memory management, and thread/process scheduling).

The Technical Programming option covers advanced techniques in design and software development. Courses in the option place a heavy emphasis on practical software development skills such as design, coding, debugging, and testing. This course provides students with the business communications skills, tools, and processes essential to successfully launch their software business.

Students develop small demonstration games or projects applying knowledge gained from previous option courses and their concurrent graphics programming courses.

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